Jurassic Park meets Greenpeace!

How would you like to see mammoths in the wilds of Siberia? Or come across an aurochs on your morning jog?

Scientists across the globe are working to resurrect all kinds of dead species, from ones that just left us to those that have been gone for centuries. Their tools in this hunt are both fossils and cutting-edge genetic technologies.

Some of these scientists are driven by sheer curiosity. Others view the extinct species as a powerful weapon in the fight against climate change.

These animals will soon walk the earth again, but what world will that give us? Is it a good idea?

In researching this book, I travelled the world to meet the women and men working to bring these animals back from the dead.

Along the way I have seen the mammoth that has been frozen for twenty thousand years, and visited the places where these furry giants will live again.

My first book discussing the reconstruction of extinct animals by using gene modifications was launched in Sweden in 2016. It has been translated to several different languages. Please, find the links below:

Swedish: Mammutens återkomst

English: The Re-origin of species

German: Wie klone ich ein Mammut?

Dutch: De terugkeer van de mammoet

Finnish: Mammutin paluu

Chinese: http://www.kornfeldt.com/in-chinese/

Japanese: http://www.kornfeldt.com/in-japanese/

Turkish: Türlerin Yeni Kökeni: Soyu Tükenen Hayvanlar İçin İkinci Bir Şans

Up-coming: Translation to Czeck

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